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ReOpening Soon!

Posted: May 22, 2020

Hey there Students, Parents, and Friends of Invictus Martial Arts! We are so looking forward to having everyone back in the school training as soon as possible. It looks like we will be able to start having some modified classes with a maximum of 10 people per class starting next week. Phase 2 is supposed to commence in North Carolina on Friday, May 22nd, however with Governor Cooper's last minute changes to Phase 2, we will be modifying our opening plans to consist of summer camp classes only. As we open, we will continue to make sure we provide a safe and sanitary environment for every one of our students. If you do not feel comfortable coming back into the school to train yet, worry not, we will be continuing our classes on Zoom as well! Students, please log in to the student section for the new schedule of classes. We will also be starting to schedule introductory lessons for new students in person as well as through Zoom, whichever you would prefer so if you are ready to start your martial arts journey with us, now is the time! 

Safety Precautions

We will be making sure to stay in line with the recommended safety precautions and will be sanitizing pads, equipment, and mats regularly. Here are the procedures that you can expect to see at our school as we reopen:

  1. As you enter the school, please find our sanitization table and use the hand sanitizer. This is for EVERYONE that enters the building.You will have your temperature taken by a contactless thermometer. If it indicates you have a fever of any kind, we will respectfully ask that you go home and participate in class via Zoom.
  2. Each family of students will be required to also fill out a Covid-19 Self-Screening Form that will be available at the front desk before entering for class. So, if you have a family of 2 or more, you only need to fill out ONE form per visit.
  3. Please do NOT pick up your attendance card. Your instructor will make sure that you get marked down for attendance that day!
  4. There will be stations set up on the mat for students. Please report to a station and that is where you will be for the entire class. This is to help eliminate unneeded touching and to keep everyone at least 6ft. of space between students at all times. It is YOUR area. For all classes except the ATA Tigers class (Master Crucitti will take care of cleanup after the Tigers), students please clean up and wipe down your area with the provided wipes so that the next group of students can work in a clean environment.
  5. Each class will be ending 5 minutes early in order to sanitize the area prior to the next class starting.
  6. We can only have 10 people in the facility at a time during this first part of Phase 2 so we ask that parents either wait outside of the school or in their vehicles. You can watch your student on our Zoom. If space permits, depending on the class size, parents and spectators may be allowed in and are required to take all the precautions that are required of our students.
  7. At first, we will operate on a first come, first serve basis. As in, we will allow the first 10 students in to attend each class. Our normal class limit per week for all training programs except Legacy is THREE times per week. If necessary for the higher attended classes, we may need to ask students to come to TWO classes per week in person and the rest online via Zoom (our Zoom classes have unlimited attendance).
  8. If you would like to purchase and/or order anything, please come in during the cleaning times before your class time.
  9. Face Coverings: These will be optional during class because of the risk for higher carbon dioxide inhalation but we highly recommend you wear one in since we will need to be in contact with you as you check in.
  10. Restroom Breaks: Please have your child use the restroom before you leave your home so we can minimize the number of people using our restrooms. They will be open if absolutely needed.
  11. Drinking Fountains will be NOT be allowed to be used. Please bring your own water bottle.
  12. Cubbies will NOT be used. You may place your bag/equipment next to your designated area for that class so it is ready for use. 
  13. Each evening after classes, all surfaces will be sanitized thouroughly. 

Thank You!

A huge shoutout to our local Wilmington community, our students, and parents that have stuck with us through these unpresidented times. We will come out of all this stronger than before, Invictus Strong with our unconquerable spirit! I miss each and every one of our students and hope to see you along with some new faces on the mat next week. I know we are a newer martial arts school in the community but we have already built up an amazing group of martial artists and I am very proud of how far you have all come in such a short amount of time! If you have any questions or concerns with getting back to classes, starting classes, or trying out a class please send us a message or give us a call at 910.821.5111.