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Summertime With Martial Arts

Posted: July 20, 2021

Summer is one of the best times of the year, especially in our beach town! Everyone loves going to the beach and spending some extra time with family. Some students have a break from school, others a small break, some no break at all. It stays light out longer, and the kiddos want to be outside playing with friends. It takes you out of your normal daily school schedule routine and puts you in "summer" mode. This all comes with some different challenges for students to stay focused on their big goals at times. One thing that can become more difficult is getting to a structured class when there are so many things to do out there. So, if you are one of those parents that is running into your child giving you a hard time when it is time to go to martial arts class, you are not alone! Don't worry though! There are some really cool tricks that we can use as parents to overcome these obstacles and keep our students motivated and ready to train all year long.

Ice Cream or Dinner?

If you are eating ice cream and someone takes it away and gives you a plate of chicken and broccoli, would you be upset… even though you know the chicken and broccoli is better for you? YES, you wanted that ice cream! Well, when you pull kids away from playing outdoors with their friends and tell them it is time for a structured activity, that is exactly what you are doing to them from their perspective. There must be a transition for them or you may run into more fits and push back. Give your child a definite time when playtime is over and give them a transitional activity to work on before class to refocus them. You may have them read a book, work on some school workbooks, work on a puzzle, etc. The definitive end time for play and giving them a focused activity before class will help them to look forward to coming in and doing their martial arts class. No more fits and push back with going to class! We want to help guide them to be able to make sound decisions for themselves but also want to make sure that we know it is okay for them to not always be happy with everything they must do. Some things are in their best interest, even if it isn’t what they want to do right at that moment.

Summer Camps 2021!

Posted: March 12, 2021

It is that time again to consider our plans for Summer 2021 as it gets warmer and warmer out! We are looking forward to having another great Summer with our students and community! We will be offering three awesome summer camps this year, all with different focuses! Descriptions of each one are listed below. We have 14 spots available per camp. Register early to guarantee you get a spot in one of our camps, you won't want to miss them. Please note, the sparring camp is for current camo belt and above students only. Both of the other camps are available for new students AND current students to attend! I look forward to seeing you guys on the mat, training hard and having fun!

-Master Max Crucitti


Summer Camps 2020

Posted: March 12, 2021

Summer Camps!


***Updated July 1st, 2020***

Invictus Kick or Treat

Posted: October 10, 2020

Invictus Martial Arts Kick or Treat!

We will be hosting a FREE trick or treat event for our community on Saturday, October 17th from 12pm-2pm. We will have our martial arts students and their families decorate "booths" and hand out candy to all that attend! Come dressed in your costumes and be ready to have a great time, PLUS, everyone that attends gets a free pass for a martial arts trial class!

We will invite one group of trick or treaters in at a time and make sure that everyone is spaced accordingly. We will be checking the temperature of everyone coming in at the door. Since this is an indoor public event, we kindly request that you wear some form of face covering if your costume does not already accomplish this task. There will be lines on the floor directing you where to go as you make your way trick or treating your way through our martial arts school. There is hand sanitizer available at the front of the school and in the back as you exit. Once you exit out the back door, you may walk along the pathway in between our building and Publix to get back up to the front. We are looking forward to seeing our awesome Wilmington community come enjoy some trick or treating with us!

ReOpening Soon!

Posted: May 22, 2020

Hey there Students, Parents, and Friends of Invictus Martial Arts! We are so looking forward to having everyone back in the school training as soon as possible. It looks like we will be able to start having some modified classes with a maximum of 10 people per class starting next week. Phase 2 is supposed to commence in North Carolina on Friday, May 22nd, however with Governor Cooper's last minute changes to Phase 2, we will be modifying our opening plans to consist of summer camp classes only. As we open, we will continue to make sure we provide a safe and sanitary environment for every one of our students. If you do not feel comfortable coming back into the school to train yet, worry not, we will be continuing our classes on Zoom as well! Students, please log in to the student section for the new schedule of classes. We will also be starting to schedule introductory lessons for new students in person as well as through Zoom, whichever you would prefer so if you are ready to start your martial arts journey with us, now is the time! 

Safety Precautions

We will be making sure to stay in line with the recommended safety precautions and will be sanitizing pads, equipment, and mats regularly. Here are the procedures that you can expect to see at our school as we reopen:

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